Interior Consultancy


Property Renovation Visualisation and Interior Consultancy

Firstly, to achieve the space for the kitchen to be housed, property renovation visualisation was required to plan:

  • how the house would flow
  • which walls needed removing
  • how large the kitchen needed to be
  • how much light was required

Upon purchase, this property consisted of three, rabbit-warren style flats, lots of walls, kitchens and toilets in strange places, Anaglypta wallpaper, brown carpet… you name it, we removed it! After seeing past this and the potential for the property and space around it, we realised that an extension could be added to create an open, light and beautiful home.

Once built, a more creative eye was needed to plan and design the kitchen, the style, colours, unit sizes, heights, island size, floor, materials used.

A balance of modern polished concrete floor, white painted wood finished with a warm oak worktop and an opulent chandelier is the key to this minimal but stylish kitchen design.


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