Property Visualisation


Relaxing Bathroom – Property Renovation Visualisation

This bathroom formed part of an extension to a Victorian property – requirements were a large bath, double sink, natural light, bright and spacious. Designing rooms prior to a build can be a daunting task but if you plan and prioritise what you want, a truly perfect room can become a reality.

A relaxing bathroom is so important. This is the area of your home for pampering or reflection at the beginning or end of the day. It is a space where you are often alone, which naturally makes it an area suited to quietness and calm.

For me, a bathroom therefore needs to be made up of calming, tonal, natural colours and fabrics. Using marble, brick walls and wood allows a subtle mix of texture, giving the room depth and warmth whilst maintaining a clean, whitewashed backdrop and only minimal furniture.

Bath and Taps from Arcade Bathrooms

Bath Mat from Ralph Lauren

Wooden Stool from LomBok



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