Interior Consultancy


Minimal Dining Area

Less is more in a dining area. It is going to be filled with friends, family and laughter. All you need is a perfect table, soft lights and a bit of music.

Here you can see a 3-metre dining table that comfortably seats 10 but often fits 12. When planning your dining area, think about the reality of your life. Do you often cater for large groups? If you do, benches can be a great way to ensure all your guests can be seated whilst still maintaining a minimal dining room for the rest of the week when you are just 2 or 4.

If you tend to dine in small groups and only have larger gatherings occasionally, keep extra chairs in a storage cupboard, ideally folded away, and bring them out when required. This way you can minimise your area and make it look calmer and more relaxing. There is no point having things around you that you are not utilising. Make your home the perfect space and use all of it on a regular basis.

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